The –Textbooks– App is the core of Kytabu and will have your textbooks following the learning curriculum that you use in your primary and secondary schools. You will get all your books pre-installed here so there is no need to spend time or money to download them. You books will come with video, audio and even fun animations to make your learning experience easy, memorable and fun! Look out for your favourite book or publisher on Kytabu, coming soon to a shop near you.


Have you ever wanted to just listen to a book rather than read it? Well, the –Audiobooks– App is just that. An audio library of literature content as well as selected subjects that also add value to you as a student in many ways. Audiobooks help you learn through stories, understand through mental pictures and visualize the material you are listening to. You also learn to improve annunciation. You can also listen when you are not in a position to read or when learning as a group. And we have the best voices in town too!

learning games

What is school without play? The –Learning Games– App tests your ability to practice what you have learnt. It improves your retentivity when compared to reading only. Try it and see. You will find games that help with reading, correlation, literacy and  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. Kytabu does not build these games, but we are careful to chose those games that leave you smarter than ever before!

virtual classroom

How about a class that can talk to each other? The –Virtual classroom– App is for closed chat rooms managed by your class teacher where you can converse with each other on the content discussed in class or other issues of interest. You can share material, reach out to your teacher, learn as a group or do assignments. It’s really up to you. Collaborate!

tests and exams

Ever wanted to revise using test papers? The –Past Test and Exams– App will be your examination portal with test papers as far back as we can get them. Get your scores immediately, share them with your teacher and classmates, compete, revise, or see what students in other schools are doing. You will never have to work hard to find these again.

more for you

If what you find here is not enough, we have you covered! The –More For You– App store is your super store for apps you like in education or anything around it. Go find what you need and keep it here. If you don’t find the app, don’t worry, we will add it in for you and tell you when we do. Nothing should stop you from being the smartest kid on the planet!