The Kytabu App

We started with 5 questions..


How do we make education easy to reach for students everywhere.


How do we reduce the cost of acquiring learning content for students without changing it.


How can learning content directly relate to today and can we make it personally useful to students.


How can learning content be built around the lifestyle of students and adjust to their circumstances


How can we make the entire experience of learning as entertaining and engaging as possible

“..if you think about the kind of content today’s student is exposed to away from school and compare that to what the same student is exposed to at school, you clearly see why our content has lost its appeal. It looks grossly outdated and is out of step with today..”

At Kytabu,we are all about making education content a 21st century experience. We believe in creating accessible, affordable, relevant and fun content that can be conveniently built around the teacher and students that depend on it. We add value to learning material by enriching standardized coursework in all its forms