Our Team

Paul Mugambi


Paul knows not only how to run a company but has the ability to motivate those around him and hold them accountable.

Tonee Ndungu

Founder & C.I.O.

Growing up a dyslexic learner Tonee saw the flaws in the education system and is set out to change them for every student.

Festus Kiambi

Software Engineer

Festus(Right) is passionate about technology and is a brilliant software engineer.

Immanuel Mugambi

Software Developer

Immanuel is passionate about technology and the opportunity it provides education in the developing world.

Vivian Ngarega

Public Relations Guru

Vivian’s smile is infectious. She has a love and passion for what she does that is clear to all that know her.

Edward Kabage

Software Engineer

Ed(left) is a great programmer and his jokes and light spirit always keep the office in a good mood.

Felix Too

Technical Leader

Felix might seem quiet but his passion for technology and work ethic make him a beast in the office.

Carole Mwangi

Communication Executive

Carol’s smile and warm heart are evident wherever she is. She also always keeps the office organized.

Max Mburu

Schoool Outreach Leader

Max is passionate about many things and his work ethic and love for his job are unparalleled.