The third edition of the Tech Republic Africa Innovation Camp held at the United States International University (U.S.I.U) kicked off last month with a great turn out of kids focused and eager to do nothing but quench their thirst for technology.


With a full five day series of basic coding sessions and nothing but the best of the latest in hardware kits, the students were sure to be in for a treat.

Kytabu C.E.O Paul Mugambi setting up the D.I.Y Kits for a session

The kids used the DIY kits from Technology Will Save Us and in turn were introduced to solid state electronics such as LED and Switches. With this, they were shown how to use the components in the DIY kits to build the actual gaming device.


The students were also taught on how to interpret basic yet fundamental coding language as well as how to come up with applications on their own. And in just one week, the students who were aged between 12 and 17 years were able to have their game application deployed on either Android or IOS system.

The Participants working on their coding projects

“…a kid who goes through six of the Tech Republic Africa programs is highly likely to come out better than a university grandaunt…” was the bold statement made by Arnold Kemoli, Software Engineer at Tech Republic Africa who accredited this statement to the students’ ability to learn easily as well as their curiosity; one of the many reasons the camps are always a success.

Tech Republic Africa_Kytabu: Innovation Camp 3 Video